Better Directory Listing

The Directory Listing serves mainly as the root of your localhost. It allows you to navigate your local projects with ease.

The following zip file contains a .directory_listing folder and an .htaccess file. Once downloaded. Unzip into the root of your directory. This was built for XAMPP but should run on any Apache/PHP server.

Note: Please make sure to delete or move any pre-existing index file.


You can change the theme by updating the style.scss file inside the .directory_listing/public/css/ directory. If you don’t have a scss compiler you can go ahead and edit the style.css file, but you will need to update the header.php file located in the .directory_listing/templates directory. We have created some css variables for you to more easily change the colors.

In the 2nd column of the listing is a descriptor of the project. These are automatically determined by files contained inside the project folders. You can setup these rules inside the config.json file located in the .directory_listing folder.

Screenshot of the Directory Listing being used on XAMPP
Preview of the Directory Listing